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2004 – Three, two, one… GO

Lawi was established in 2004. Despite being a brand new company, we have quickly become one of the leaders in the field of customized cycling clothing in the Czech Republic. Honest customer approach, quality products, constant development, enthusiasm and hard work are our main values. Thanks to the latest technologies, high-quality materials and collaboration with professional riders, enables to keep pace with world-class manufacturers, but also develop our own customizable products and products that enhance sporting comfort not only for cycling enthusiasts but also for professionals who spend countless hours in the saddle.

2010 – we are improving

2010 can be considered as one of the milestones in our history. This year, new De Luxe shorts had been released which moved the comfort line to a new level. Top materials, improved cut and revolutionary leg endings with a wide elastic band that can be printed on. Recently, a similar technology is applied to jerseys. We are not only the first in the Czech Republic but also among the first of all to include this feature in our offer.

In addition to new product lines, we started to work with PSK Whirlpool-Author, the strongest bike team in the Czech Republic, at the same time we have created our own team the LAWI-Author Cycling Team. We are one of the partners of the race series Kolo For Life, which is the largest mass cycling series in the Czech Republic and Central Europe, and we are a partner of RunTour running series. Currently, we are entering the Netherlands and to the Benelux. We gain new experience, expand our range of products and services. We launched an online ordering system that brings more user-friendliness to clients’ ordering process. In addition, we are entering other European markets such as Germany.

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2012 – We carry on

Since 2012, we began to produce our very own designed socks. The investment into new knitting machines was another significant move which added a new interesting product to our offer. We have chosen a much more difficult path in the production, which, however, offers a better product development opportunities than cooperating with suppliers.

2014 - Making gear lighter

It was time to loose weight. We entered the market with first silkthin jerseys. We multiplied our sock production 6times!

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2016 – Denying the elements

We are sending ultralight supersummer jersey Ventola. But not everybody cycles only when its sunny. So we created wateproof & warm Resis to face any storm.

We improved our output with brand new production hall and added team orders to the electronic system.

2017 – Comfort for cyclists butt

Instead of glued pads we start to use cloth sewn pads GT. With them a new dimension of comfort and hygiene was presented to the cyclists.


Team LAWI-AUTHOR divides into profesional TOPFOREX-LAPPIERE and amateur LAWI STARS. LAWI STARS eventualy covers all sports.

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2019 – The rush continues

We are 15 years on the market. Everything is made under one roof so we know everything about every single piece that is sent out of the factory.

New Maestro collection is very complex. It also includes arm and leg warmers. We are still at the front of the peloton of contract sportswear. We dress up sportsmen, sportswomen and sportschildren and the trail of our race goes through Slovakia, Germany and the states of BeNeLux.

We thank all that are interested in our work and to all that work with us.

Where we are is because of you!