Quality control

All our products are made of the finest materials, manufactured in our headquarters Dobrovice – Czech Republic. Every product undergoes rigorous multilevel quality control.

On time delivery

Everything is manufactured in Dobrovice, therefore, we guarantee a maximum flexibility and shipping on time.

We don't sleep, we develop

We develop new patterns, technologies and trends. Trying to think outside of a box and looking for new opportunities. We test, we modify, we dictate the trends.

We care about you

Placing an order is not the end, it is a new beginning. A begging of our long-term cooperation. We care about our customers. Get yourself the highest quality service associated with the best apparel.

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We are specialists in custom clothing manufacturing services

Our experience are our references

As one of the criteria that we consider to be a proof of that our work is meaningful and has the right direction are references of teams, companies, athletes who wear our Lawi clothing. The list is (fortunately) endless and it expands on a daily basis.

The silver medalist from the Olympic Games in London Sabine Spitz, the Czech Champion in the XC Tereza Hurikova, the European champion in the marathon Kristián Hynek, the Czech champion in the XC and the marathon Pavel Boudný, the cycling champions Czech champions Petr Benčík, Stanislav Kozubek, Martin Mareš and Jiří Hudeček, a medalist from the Paralympics in London in road cycling time trial and the world handicapped champion, Jiří Bouška. This is just a sample of some of those who wear or used to wear Lawi’s dresses in recent years. So what are you waiting for?

Topforex-Lapierre Pro Cyling Team

cycling-in-lawi jezdi-v-lawi profi pros

Česká Spořitelna MTB Team

cycling-in-lawi jezdi-v-lawi profi pros

Rafkarna IDEA Cycling

cycling-in-lawi hobby jezdi-v-lawi

IVAR CS Author

cycling-in-lawi hobby jezdi-v-lawi mladez youth


companies cycling-in-lawi firmy hobby jezdi-v-lawi profi pros

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We can do more

Cycling is not everything, we do other sports as well

The main focus of our company is the bicycle segment, but we are constantly expanding our range. We place emphasis on quality materials, cutting and development. Working with a number of professional athletes who not only test our products but also make their own contribution to further development.

Recently we produce apparel for cycling, triathlon, duathlon, athletics, running, cross-country skiing, floorball, football, handball, basketball, speed skating, in-line skating, hockey, rowing and other sports.

Haven’t found your favourite sport? Write to us and see what can be done.